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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Canada Goose Forecast Seasonal Wholesale Income Sharply Reduced Stock Price Urge 15%

Canada's Canadian luxury down jacket manufacturer Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (TSE:GOOS) (NYSE:GOOS), which is constantly surpassing its growth, stock price and unit price, issued a quarterly report today warning that the current holiday season sales will be subject to wholesale delivery time difference and Due to the drag on Hong Kong's business, Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (TSE:GOOS) rushed to insert a maximum of 14.6% to $44.2, which is close to the 12-month low of $42.38.

Group President and CEO Dani Reiss revealed in the analyst conference call that they "delivered a large number of early and winter orders in advance, which means that shipments will decrease in the next quarter", so it is expected that the largest revenue source for the third quarter of 2020 in October-December -- Wholesale channel revenue will record a year-on-year decline of 14%-16%. He emphasized that "this does not indicate a change in the basic needs of the channel."

On the other hand, Dani Reiss pointed out that Hong Kong IFC and the recently opened Harbour City Canada Goose Canada Goose brand store were deeply affected by the reduction in passenger and retail traffic, but growth in other places was enough to support the Asian market's second quarter revenue almost doubled to 48.9 million. In the Canadian dollar, US fixed exchange rate revenue and Canadian domestic sales increased by 38.5% and 29.9% respectively, while Europe and ROW declined by 3.4%
Wholesale business rose 22.9% year-on-year to 219.8 million Canadian dollars, reflecting the intrinsic customer order plus code and some orders delivered early according to customer requirements. DTC revenue surged 47.2% to C$74.2 million, driven primarily by incremental sales of new stores.

In the second quarter ended September 29, Canada Goose Holdings Inc.'s overall revenue was C$294 million, slightly ahead of market expectations of C$267.3 million, an increase of 27.7% from C$230.3 million in the same period last year. Net profit increased by 21.4% year-on-year to C$60.6 million. EPS rose from C$0.45 in the same period last year to C$0.55. The adjusted EPS was C$0.57, far exceeding the market expectation of C$0.43.

Corporate SG&A increased by 26.3% year-on-year to $43.2 million due to marketing investment, number of employees and growth in China's expansion investment. Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Sinclair pointed out to analysts that China’s revenues have almost doubled in the second quarter thanks to the localization of China’s operations and the construction of local DTC channels and offices, and local demand has remained strong driven by increased brand awareness.

Seeing that Chinese brands such as Bosideng (3998.HK) are comparable to the high-end series of Canada Goose Canada Goose, and the main competitor Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) can favor the use of designers to raise prices, Dani Reiss said the price increase Opportunities and space already exist, while stressing that Canada Goose Canada Goose will remain “functionally prioritized”.
In the past year, Canada Goose Canada Goose was completely crushed by the Chinese brand Bosideng, both on the income side and in the open market. So far this year, Bosideng's share price has soared by more than 170%, and the stock price has continued to hit a record high. The down apparel group based in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, released the latest high-end product series in Shanghai at the end of last month. The Dengfeng series is inspired by the China Everest Mountaineering Team. The series has a total of seven products, the highest price is 11,800 yuan, and the lowest price is also reached. 5,800 yuan.

In the fiscal year 2019 of March 31, 2019, Bosideng Group's revenue increased by 16.9% year-on-year, from 8.808 billion yuan to 10.338 billion yuan; net profit increased by 59.4%, from 615.5 million yuan to 981.3 million yuan.

Under the strategic transformation of focusing down products, the Group's eponymous Bosideng brand down apparel business revenue rose 38.3% last year to 6.842 billion yuan. Under the continuous improvement of the brand, the proportion of products with a brand price of over RMB 1,800 increased from 4.8% to 24.1%, an increase of about four times.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Kering shares surge as Gucci shines despite Hong Kong protests

Kering shares were on track for their best day in a year in early trading, with the stock up just over 8% following its sales update on Thursday evening. Moncler shares were also rising, up 6% after the Italian puffer jacket maker’s third quarter sales beat expectations
The firms joined rivals such as LVMH’s (LVMH.PA) Louis Vuitton and Hermes (HRMS.PA) in easing fears of a major hit from months of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong that have caused them to temporarily close shops and which have kept tourists away.
“Kering’s growth is still among best-in-class this period,” analysts at Citi said in a note.

Gucci in particular managed to make up for lost business in the Chinese-ruled city with some spending shifting back to mainland China, where it has a large store network, and other Asian shopping hubs like South Korea, the company said.

But the turmoil is far from over, with protests in Hong Kong descending into clashes between demonstrators and police earlier this week, suggesting luxury brands are likely to feel the pain in the fourth quarter too.

“The trends are still negative so far in Hong Kong,” Kering’s finance chief Jean-Marc Duplaix told analysts on a conference call.

“Golden Week”, a week-long Chinese national holiday in early October which is traditionally a busy period for travel and splashing out on shopping trips, was “not at all strong” in Hong Kong, Duplaix added, with local clients also spending less.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Down jackets are not only Canadian geese and Moncler, but also Parajumpers, Mackage, Moose Knucles

The winter solstice is over, maybe the coldest moment is coming. Is the final down finished this year?

When you have a big discount, you may choose another spare, or you have to travel to a cold place (such as Northeast, Northern Europe, Hokkaido). It is essential to keep down the cold. Moncler and Canadian geese are infinitely windy in recent years. The shirt crashed into a tipping fish.

It’s not the inside of Uniqlo. It’s one of the people’s hands. It’s not exposed. Everyone is wearing it.

Well, it doesn't matter if you hit the shirt. The shirt proves that everyone is very wealthy. The residents from the first-tier cities to the 18th-line cities are willing to add a warm clothing for themselves.

This article mainly introduces some other down jacket brands, the price range is comparable to Canada goose or higher.

Mackage, a brand that was founded in Montreal in 1999, is a place where the winter is less than 20 degrees.
The brand of the down jacket to buy extremely cold is no problem, it is related to the survival of the big things, perfunctory, the designer is also considering the details of survival, daily walking, pockets inside the pocket, how can the neck protect, enter the warm indoors do? Windproof and cold-proof various details, no more than some fashion brands, out of the down jacket by imagination, all kinds of details rely on perfunctory, not windproof and not waterproof.

Mackage's classic styles are pretty good.


Monday, October 29, 2018

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