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Monday, April 8, 2019

Down jackets are not only Canadian geese and Moncler, but also Parajumpers, Mackage, Moose Knucles

The winter solstice is over, maybe the coldest moment is coming. Is the final down finished this year?

When you have a big discount, you may choose another spare, or you have to travel to a cold place (such as Northeast, Northern Europe, Hokkaido). It is essential to keep down the cold. Moncler and Canadian geese are infinitely windy in recent years. The shirt crashed into a tipping fish.

It’s not the inside of Uniqlo. It’s one of the people’s hands. It’s not exposed. Everyone is wearing it.

Well, it doesn't matter if you hit the shirt. The shirt proves that everyone is very wealthy. The residents from the first-tier cities to the 18th-line cities are willing to add a warm clothing for themselves.

This article mainly introduces some other down jacket brands, the price range is comparable to Canada goose or higher.

Mackage, a brand that was founded in Montreal in 1999, is a place where the winter is less than 20 degrees.
The brand of the down jacket to buy extremely cold is no problem, it is related to the survival of the big things, perfunctory, the designer is also considering the details of survival, daily walking, pockets inside the pocket, how can the neck protect, enter the warm indoors do? Windproof and cold-proof various details, no more than some fashion brands, out of the down jacket by imagination, all kinds of details rely on perfunctory, not windproof and not waterproof.

Mackage's classic styles are pretty good.


Monday, October 29, 2018

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